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1. High molding speed and large capacity, high rate of finished products, reliable performance and best performance/price ratio. The main machine is equipped with PLC computer control imported from Japanese Mitsubishi and HMI system. All process from feeding to finished products are automatic and designed in modules.
2. The hydraulic system of the main machine is all imported from Taiwan with stable performance and low consumption. It is one of the best in the same category. 
3. Multiple purpose: through changing moulds, it can produce various tiles besides high-grade color floor tiles such as terrazzo tiles etc.
4. The concrete tile made using sand concrete and through mould-pressing molding is characterized by perfect structure, complete kinds, high density, high strength and accurate size, and is among the best of concrete products.
Product features:
1. various colors and suitable for decoration
2. high strength, lightweight, low consumption, large single-piece area and high coverage.
3. good insulation.
4. anti-acid and rain, weathering-resistant, good weather ability and over-80 years service life expectancy.
5. waterproofing and anti-permeation
6. various kinds
7. widely used. Products can be used in various buildings, practical and decorative.
Investment scale
1. capacity: 1.2 million pieces/year (one shift, 4000pcs/day for 300 days a year)
2. Floor area: 2000m2, including 150m2 for workshop and 100m2 for offices.
3. Workers6, including 1 for operating main machine, 2 for operating mixers and 3 for other jobs.
4. Water and power supply: total installed capacity: 25kW average electricity consumption: 18kw/hour water: 5Ts/day
5. Main materials: sand, rock powder, powdered coal ash and cement.
Technical data:
Product size
Molding speed
Output per shift
Power of main machine
Molding type
Pressing and filtering
Molding pressure
Dimensions of main machine

 Items of Investment:
Model ZCW-120   Main machine
Pallet size
Special-shaped die
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