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QTY6-15 type full-automatic hydraulic hollow shaping machine of building block
1. The electric system adopts programmable control PLC and controls and allocates the data entry to export the device, diagnose the system in
    logic control and trouble of control system including security.
2. Import the computer electric apparatus seal, the hydraulic component adopts the high dynamic performance proportion valve, with the accurate
    movements of controlling the key part.
3.The organism adopts high precision, high strength casting and special solder technology and material to make, rigidity is good, able to bear
    shaking, longe-lived.
4. This machine adopts four poles to lead the way, has guaranteed to press the accurate sports of head and mould.
5. Machine this adopt mesa vibration pressurize shaping, adopt lead, feed material device instead, shaping cycle is short and producing the closely
    knit intensity of building block quality high in efficiency It is high, the size is accurate.
6. Adopting machine, electricity, liquid integrate the technology combined, it is identical to make the apparatus move every cyclical process trans
    ferred to, therefore shaping products stability are high, the products rate is high.
7. A machine is multi-purpose, can produce different specifications porous brick, hollow building block, the stone of the curb, way face brick and
    plant the grass tree brick, bank protection brick through changing the mould Wait for the cement products.
8. Can produce products such as the face brick of colored way,etc. while taking the surface fabric device.
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