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(A) trends: the protection of land farewell Qin Han brick tile


 Ago in the Qin Dynasty in China has been widely used on Clay. October 11, 2004, archaeological workers in Qishan County, Shaanxi Province, where֜??íFenghuangshan sites south of the Western Zhou Dynasty nobles Graves archaeological excavations at the scene, found the Western Zhou period, hollow brick, brick and?卟article.

 The discovery that the early Western Zhou Dynasty in China has begun construction on the brick with tile, so that the history of China's building materials brick push more than 800 years ago. As the world's oldest wood building materials, Qin Han brick tile is known as the solid clay brick, for a long time in our country has been a great deal of production and use. 214 BC, the Qin Shi Huang Hun invasion of the north for the defense, the deployment of hundreds of thousands of labor repair more than 6,000 km long Great Wall, constructed in the world with solid clay as raw materials of the most classic buildings.

 However, the burning of solid clay brick was damaged by land resources, the cost of the destruction of the ecological environment.

According to preliminary statistics, 100 million per brick production l eradication should be digging about 100 acres, at present there are about 120,000 factory covers an area of 600 hectares, more than 6000 brick per year 100 million, covers an area of eradication more than 120 million mu.


 This reporter has learned that China's per-capita cultivated land is only about 1.4 acres, equivalent to only the world's average of 40% solid clay brick fired every year and the amount of fertile farmland, which is equivalent to nearly 60 million people have lost their land, if left unchecked, our children and grandchildren is likely to face the situation of non-arable land. Heze in Shandong Han tenant office Tuen Village, the reporter saw a rather spectacular scenes, in the back of the village houses, even a shallow lake endless.


 "This is good arable land prior to ah! At least 3,000 acres!" Korean Village, the villagers told reporters that in 2004, party secretary of the Office of tenant Tuen suddenly issued a notice, saying the country's arable land to be expropriated them, 12,000 according toһĶelement of compensation. "But in the end, they found, they are not in the land, but in the excavation, and to the highway under the banner of soil, the soil directly to the brick. In order to burn out of brick, and brick as long as the most about three meters above the earth. "

"You see,?ö˶˯f arable land, destruction of the way now, in order to dig out such a big brick has come to a lake!" Korean Village, a village, pointing to "the Great Lakes," said angrily.


 This reporter learned that, as excavated groundwater, more than 3,000 acres of former farmland now that we have become a lame Artificial Lake "shallow lake." In the "Lake", that bouncing back and forth running out of transportation vehicles is also a Korean Village, the villagers of the fertile ground for survival. Ironically, in the Han village close to the home of many villagers to do a hand-written slogan: "the protection of arable land is to protect our lifeline."

In order to protect arable land, reduce the "acid rain" damage on the natural environment, in June 2000 identified the relevant state departments of 170 large and medium-sized cities, its in the end of June 2003 before the completion of housing construction in the prohibition of the use of solid clay target . Before the end of 2010 in all cities will be a total ban on the use of solid clay brick. 6 years, the basic realization of the vast majority of cities have "cut it" goal.


 At the same time, the state encouraged a new type wall materials innovation and development. State Economic and Trade Commission in accordance with resource-saving and comprehensive utilization of the Division is expected by the end of 2006, the national production of new wall materials will reach 300 billion, accounting for wall materials more than 40% of the total output.

(B) an annual output of 40 million project has beenâɕשrecord production line


   August 2006, Xuchang City Development and Reform Commission, the record of Xuchang City Leader Kimâɕשplant annual production capacity of 40 million production line projectâɕש. The construction of the project to be an annual output of 40 millionâɕשproduction lines, major equipment selection of unburned machine and mixer, etc. with annual sales of 8 million yuan, 800,000 yuan in profits and taxes, job placement officers 30. Its product is the replacement of clay brick products, a huge market.

(C) fish headâɕשmixed market


 In recent years, the rapid development of urban and rural construction, the wall materials are also the rapid growth of demand. Accompanied by the use of policy on the promotion of new wall materials and the continued implementation of solid clay brick out of the increased enforcement efforts, the use of coal gangue, fly ash, slag and other industrial waste and hollow block the production of new building materials such asâɕשfaced with tremendous opportunities for development and broad market space, but also the fundamental solution to the traditional and industrial wasteʵЄשbrought about by environmental issues. However, due to the production of hollow block andâɕשtechniques and simple equipment, low investment and also lead to blind students to do the factory, product technology, such as shoddyҔ?γ亃phenomenon abound. Some businesses in order to lower costs, the purchase of simple, low-grade production equipment, product performance. These inferior products will be in use to reduce the wall strength, heat insulation, thermal insulation effect of poor, not energy. Some housing will be even cracks, water leakage. This has constrained the development of the industry, have credibility crisis. Please keep their eyes open and find a reputable and reliable manufacturers and service co-operation.

In "non-ordinary sintering Clay," the contents of the relevant standardsâɕשfound the origin of the word: "âɕשrefers to the clay as the main raw materials, mixing a small amount of cementitious material, by grinding, mixing, molding to suppress natural conservation of a non-sintered by ordinary Clay. "âɕשterm use of the standard on behalf of non-sintered common Clay. Because of different raw materials, production technology of brick production, the performance is different, and sometimes also far from certain properties, such as frost resistance bricks, dry shrinkage, softening coefficient. Requests based on local raw materials. Tailor-made production process, not blindly, with vendors able to provide quality services in cooperation ..

Countries biomass energy development policies


 General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out: "Strengthening the development and utilization of renewable energy sources, is to deal with the increasingly serious energy and environmental issues the only way, but also the sustainable development of human society, the only way.


 Compressive strength of wall materials is a necessary performance indicators, but as a massive wall materials product category, whether it isʵЄש, hollow brick or hollow block products, regardless of how the raw materials and production processes and equipment, product durability indicators also includes antifreeze, and softening coefficient and dry shrinkage value. Cementitious material for cement or lime, such as by mixing fly ash brick production, the product also includes the carbonation coefficient of durability. For the design of applications, the moisture content, drying shrinkage indicators is indispensable. Performance requirements of these products in the corresponding product standards, there were very clear, particularly the poor performance of shrinkage would result in the process of building the wall in the use of various degrees in different parts of the cracks, the consequences will be very serious. Should be carefully chosen manufacturers.

The state preferential policies for biomass energy development


 General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out: "Strengthening the development and utilization of renewable energy sources, is to deal with the increasingly serious energy and environmental issues the only way, but also the sustainable development of human society, the only way.


 "National Economic and Social Development Five-Year Plan" that should "speed up the development of biomass energy," "the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the positive development of modern agriculture and solid construction of new socialist rural areas to promote a number of opinions": "The use of biodiesel. biomass energy products and bio-materials for the main contents of the biomass industry is to expand the agricultural function of the sunrise industries of resource utilization. "Curing start of crop straw fuel pilot project". "speed up the development of biomass energy" has become the economic development of new growth opportunities, strong government support for biomass energy industry development opportunities for a broad market.

 National Development and Reform Commission forming biomass fuel development plan proposed, in 2010, combined with the basic energy needs of rural and changing the way in rural areas can use to carry out the application of biomass fuel particles building demonstration sites to particles in the fuel consumption of 5,000,000 tons, instead of 3,000,000 tons of coal, the government will "11. Five" period, invested a large amount of financial and human resources, the focus of a nationwide promotion of biomass energy utilization technologies. State Economic and Trade Commission. the State Development Planning Commission. Ministry of Finance. The State Revenue Service have presented on the comprehensive utilization of resources for further advice. resources and comprehensive utilization of the use of directory products, such as value-added series of preferential policies to inform policy.

1. A national policy

 1. State Economic and Trade Commission. The State Revenue Service on the issuance of notification, economic and trade resources [1998] No. 716

 2 People's Republic of China State Council on the comprehensive utilization of resources to further develop the views of the notice of [the National Development (1996) 36]

 3.2001 years, on the waste recycling business policies of the value-added tax (taxation [2001] 78)

 4. People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce. The General Administration of Customs. Forestry Bureau Bulletin 2003, No. 27.

 5. State Economic and Trade Commission. The State Development Planning Commission. Ministry of Finance. Issued by the State Administration of Taxation on notification, economic and trade financing [1996] No. 809.

 6. The State Development Planning Commission. State Economic and Trade Decree No. 7.

 7. Annex: amendment in 1996.

 8. Ministry of Finance. 13 The State Administration of Taxation on small wood residues and sub-processing, as raw materials to produce products of value-added tax preferential policies for comprehensive utilization of the notice, taxation [2001] No. 72

 9.2006-year January 1 come into effect, the law explicitly demanded that speed up the development of biomass energy, biomass products can enjoy the local government subsidies, please refer to the tax relief provisions of this Law.

 10.2006 Central Document No. 1 .

 11.2006 in October 19 National Development and Reform Commission held the "Seminar on renewable energy development", the research by the Ministry of Finance made clear that the development of biomass energy, the state from the tax. Give credit to the strong support of free enterprise on the relevant value-added tax and other levies

 12. National Development and Reform Commission [2005] No. 2517

 13. China's new energy and renewable energy development program (1996-2010).


 15 . .

 16. Ministry of Finance

 17 "the development of energy in agriculture, expand agricultural function," Vice Minister of Agriculture Yin Chengjie papers.

 Second: The project area of

 Biomass briquette and biomass gasification furnace complex projects, according to National Development and Reform Commission on "the National Development and Utilization of biomass energy and arrangements" in the emphasis on "development and utilization of biomass energy is a cross-sectoral. The formation of new industries, involving energy . agriculture. Forestry. environmental protection. a number of government departments, science and technology ......", Therefore, the project will be able to receive financial support from relevant departments.

 1. Development and Reform Bureau - can apply for project funding guide

 2. The agricultural sector - can apply for funding of agricultural by-product of industrial development and the promotion of funds stoves.

 3. The forestry sector - can apply for a by-product of forestry. Waste industrial development funds and the promotion of biomass gasifier capital complex.

 4. The energy sector - the country can apply for funds to subsidize the promotion of energy products

 5. The building of new countryside to do - can apply for a new state-subsidized rural development funds

 6. Economic Council (NEC) - can apply for energy utilization and industrial development guide the funds.

 Also the provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, Office of poverty alleviation and development. Business Bureau. Township Enterprises Bureau and other departments in support of counterparts.

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