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Structure and principle of rotary dryer

(1) Structure: 1. Drum barrel; 2. Frontal roll ring; 3. Behind roll ring; 4. Wheel gear; 5. Block roller; 6. Support roller; 7. Small wheel gear; 8. Discharging materials part; 9. Lifting board; 10. Reduction gears; 11. Motor; 12. Hot air duct/pipe. 13. Feeding materials part.

   This rotary dryer also matched with induced draft fan & dust collector, conveyors.
  (2) Working principle:
The materials are sent to hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator and then by the feeding machine of hopper through charging pipe into the feeding side. The slope of feeding pipeline should bigger than the materials' natural dip angle, in order to make materials smoothly flow into the dryer machine. The drum of dryer is a rotary drum which is slightly obliquely with the horizontal line. Add the materials from the higher side, heating body goes into the lower end, form countercurrent contact with materials, also exists the heat body and materials together concurrent flow into the barrel. Along with the cylinder rotating, the materials move to the lower end by gravity. During the moving process, wet materials in the cylinder directly or indirectly got heat from the heating body, make wet materials to dry, then in the discharging end the materials were sent out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor. In the cylinder's inside wall of rotary dryer was equipped with shoveling plate, its function is that copied up the material and then scatter down, make the contact surface of materials and airflow more wider, in order to improve drying speed and promote materials move ahead. Heat body are generally classified into the hot air and flue gas etc. After the heat body through dryer, generally need the cyclone dust collector to trap materials in the gas.

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